Sight Flow Indicator in Angle- or 3-way or 4-way line

  • DIN flange DN 15 – DN 100 (ANSI is also possible).
  • Angle line construction length 90 to 175 mm.
  • 3-way line construction length 130 to 350 mm.
  • 4-way line construction length 130 to 350 mm.
  • Operating pressure of 10 to 40 bar.
  • Operating temperature of 150° C and 280° C.
  • With mica disc suitable for aggressive mediums and temperature up to 300° C.
  • Special versions available according to customers’ requirements.


Body:steel, stainless steel or according to customer.
Covers:steel, stainless steel, or the wish of the customer.
Glass:borosilicate glass DIN 7080 and soda lime glass DIN 8902.
Gaskets:graphite or other materials.
Screws:according to customers’ wishes.


Certificate 2.2 or 3.1 B according to EN 10204.

Available with butt weld ends, extra length, heating jacket, (Ex) light, camera, wipers, spray washer, O-ring seal (vacuum seal), double glass with heating element, mica protection, glass protection and metal fused glass.