Dumico naturally provides all the necessary seals and gaskets for mounting sight and gauge glasses and repair kits for your level gauges. The gaskets are punched or cut out of a flat sheet gasket. The most common materials are based on rubber, or graphite fibers. Possible with or without nail plate/stainless steel insert and/or Bordel (metal ring on the inside, no packing material in the seal housing).

We normally deliver gaskets for sight and level gauge glasses (DIN 7080/7081) from stock:

  • Gasket for gauge glass, free of asbestos.
  • Graphite with stainless steel insert.
  • PTFE Teflon (white) for the food industry.
  • Copper for mica level gauges.
  • Gaskets and seals for level gauges and gauge crane.

For other applications, we provide several special gaskets according to customers’ specifications:

  • Materials like mica, micanite, vermiculite, stainless steel, aluminum, rubber, aramid, and monel or combinations of different materials.
  • Graphite buses with stainless steel rings for cranes.
  • Spiral wound, cam profile, envelope gaskets.
  • Metallic and semi paddings metallic (metal gaskets where usually a soft sealing material is processed).