Rigid Micanite sheets

Micanite sheets usually consists for about 90% of natural mica powder having 10% synthetic resin binder (silicone or epoxy) mixed together, which is processed into mica paper. The paper loose layers are compressed into a sheet material. This material is not transparent and has a silver-gray (muscovite micanite) or a dark gray/brown color (phlogopite micanite). The material has a high dielectric resistance. Micanite plates are an ideal alternative to asbestos sheets.

Temperature Muscovite micanite continuous 500°C, short term 800°C.

Temperature Phlogopite micanite continuous 700°C, short term 1000°C.

The material is suitable for an even higher temperature and/or other needs are available upon request.


  • 0.1 to 2 mm thickness: used to produce heating elements by wrapping the example with resistance wire, such as in toasters, irons and hair dryers. Also for other domestic and industrial appliances requiring excellent resistance to thermal, mechanical and electrical properties.
  • 2-100 mm gauge, high thermal and electrical insulation requirements such as:
    • Heating elements for electrical and thermomechanical equipment.
    • High voltage applications.
    • High thermal applications.
    • Gaskets and seals (oil, gas, etc.).
    • Construction of induction, arc or high frequency furnaces.

Micanite plate is available in:

  • Custom sizes according to your drawing.
  • Thickness: 0.10 to 100 mm, rectangular plate 1,000 x 600 mm, 1,200 x 1,000 mm and 2,400 x 1,000 mm. Suitable blanking micanite parts.
  • Thickness: 0.10 to 1.9 mm, rectangular plate 1,000 x 600 mm, 1,200 x 1,000 mm and 2,400 x 1,000 mm. Also available in extra smooth plate surfaces, with a higher density and flexural strength (by extra steel press) suitable for punching accurate micanite parts.

Micanite is also available in:

Pipes, washers, bushes and all sorts of other moldings, flexible micanite, combinations with fiberglass and epoxy are possible.

Epoxy fiberglass sheets:

We also supply epoxy bonded fiberglass sheets and tubes and combinations with micanite (e.g. micanita (indoor) pipe with epoxy outer tube in one whole. (See datasheet Epoxy fiberglass).