Micanite tube (silicone bonded):

Silicone bonded micanite tubes are made of muscovite or phlogopite tied rolled paper. Through heat resistant thermosetting resins are made under controlled temperature and hydraulic pressure compact laminate micanite tube. Micanite tubes have a high dielectric strength, and excellent thermal and mechanical properties. These tubes are resistant to weathering, moisture and chemicals and have a low thermal conductivity.

Temperature Muscovite micanite continuous 500°C, short term 700° C.

Temperature phlogopite micanite continuous 700°C, short term 900° C.


Silicone bonded mica tubes are asbestos free and suitable for heating resistors in toasters, connectors, electric irons a.o. Tubes with large wall thickness are also used as thermal insulators for industries with large stresses, such as iron and steel mills, chemical, glass, and petrochemical industries.

For food industry we provide epoxy protection on the outside of the micanite tube (epoxy substantiated micanite tube). When a tube gets damaged, this prevents loose mica fiber in the food process.

Micanite tubes are available in:

Micanite silicone hollow tubes, internal diameters from 8 mm to 350 mm and in a standard length of 1000 mm. Adjustments are possible on request: drilled holes, half pipes, combinations with epoxy outer sides of pipes with copper ends, etc.

Micanite is also available in:

Plates, rings, vans and all other fittings, flexible micanite, combinations with fiberglass and epoxy.

Micanite tube with Epoxy