Micanite foil

Micante foil is a glass fiber reinforced silicone mica paper bonded (muscovite or phlogopite) with a high elasticity and high mechanical stability. As a result, the material has good cold-formability and provides a good tensile strength through the optical fibers during handling and use, so that it cannot rupture quickly. The material is free of asbestos, and has a temperature resistance of 1,000°C.

Micanite film applications in foundries:

Micanite film is used as a sliding surface in coreless induction furnaces in order to prevent premature leakage and costly damage to the coil. In addition, the material has a smooth surface, thereby the pushing out is easier, preventing damage to the crucible.

Micanite film is available in:

  • Roll form of 1 m x 25 m length, thickness 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 mm.
  • Rolled desired with mica on the outside of the glass on the outside.
  • Other combinations are possible on request, such as 2 x glass fiber or glass fiber in the middle and on both sides.

Micanite tape:

Micanite tape consists of phlogopite mica (thin paper impregnated with a binder which is suitable for high temperature), reinforced with a glass cloth.

Micanite tape is very suitable for high flame retardancy and electrical insulation at high temperature, even if a flame in the silicone binder turns into inorganic oxide. The material has a temperature resistance of 1,000° C.

Micanite tape applications:

Micanite tape is widely used in the production of fire resistant electrical cables. During fire or high temperature everything continues to function. Because of the great flexibility, this tape can be easily applied to high-speed taping machines.

Micanite tape is available in rolls:

  • Standard Thickness: 0.10 or 0.12 mm.
  • Width: 6 to 1.000 mm.
  • Length: 25 or 50 meters.

Micanite is also available in:

Rigid plates, pipes, rings, bushes and all sorts of other moldings, flexible micanite in roll form, combinations with fiberglass. We also supply epoxy components.