Micanite combi

Micanite combi is a flexible cold formable composite of glass fiber reinforced with (phlogopite or muscovite) micapaper with a special binder. The material is asbestos free and resistant to cracking. The temperature resistance is 1,000°C.

Micanite combi provides good electrical insulation. The paper fibers have the lowest thermal conductivity possible. In addition, the surface is smooth, so pushing it out is easier, thereby preventing damage to the crucible.


Micanite combi is used as a sliding surface in coreless induction furnaces to prevent premature leakage and costly damage to the coil.

Micanite combination is available in:

  • Roll form of 1 m x 25 m in length.
  • Rolled desired with mica on the outside / glass on the outside.
  • Other combinations on request, for instance with silica calcium (soluble fiber), or with additional glass fiber.

Micanite is also available in:

Hard plates, pipes, rings, bushes and all sorts of moldings, flexible micanite in roll form, combinations with fiber glass, or with epoxy components.