DUMICO supplies various types and forms of micanite for various applications. Micanite consists for approximately 90% of natural mica powder mixed with 10% synthetic resin binder (silicone or epoxy), which is processed into mica paper. Then the mica paper loose layers are compressed into, for example, sheet material. This material is not transparent and has a silver gray (muscovite micanite) or a dark gray / brown color (phlogopite micanite). The material has a high dielectric resistance and is suitable as electrical insulation material. Micanite is ideal as alternative to asbestos.

Temperature Muscovite micanite: continuous 500°C, short term 800°C.

Temperature phlogopite micanite: continuous 700°C, short 1000°C.

Material that is suitable for even higher temperatures and / or other needs are available upon request. We also offer combinations of other materials, such as epoxy, glass cloth, etc.

Rigid Micanite sheets

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Micanite tubes

Micanite foil/tape

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