Stove Mica

Mica is a clear transparent mineral. It is resistant to a constant temperature of 550°C. The melting point is about 1250°C. Depending on the selected quality, mica is completely transparent.

Stove mica is used as a window in coal stoves, kerosine burners, and other applications. You can see the coals burning through the mica window.

We supply Stove mica: standard in spotted and / or in-clear quality in a thickness of 0.12 / 0.15 mm. Because mica is a mineral, the price is increasing in relation to the size. (For example: with a 2 times bigger size of mica, the price will already quadrupled).

When mica is mounted in a stove frame, it is much cheaper to use mica in several small pieces. So please note the smallest possible dimensions of mica before you buy an unnecessarily expensive / large size. Mica can easily be cut to the required size with kitchen scissors or a Stanley knife.

Stove Mica is standard (and direct) available in the following sizes:

120 x 120 mm x 0.12 / 0.15 mm thick.

150 x 150 x 0.12 mm / 0.15 mm thick.

180 x 180 x 0.12 mm / 0.15 mm thick.

200 x 100 x 0.12 mm / 0.15 mm thick.

200 x 150 x 0.12 mm / 0.15 mm thick.

250 x 250 x 0.12 mm / 0.15 mm thick.

All other sizes on request.

We also supply fireplace glass and other types of heat-resistant glass (see customized glass).