Mica other products

Besides standard mica products (sight, level gauge and stove mica), we are specialized in supplying mica for a wide variety of applications. Below you find a list of some available mica products.

Fabricated mica is used directly in the final part or product. For example: sight glass, gauge glass and stove mica, an mica for electrical insulation. Mica can be processed at the desired thickness and model by punching, cutting, turning, and drilling.

Mica blocks are rough pieces of mica in irregular shape and thickness, which are sorted in quality, shape, size and thickness. The minimum thickness is 0.18 mm. The surface can be divided into sizes of 6,5 cm² (size 6) up to 650 cm² (size OOEE Special). Suitable for customers who process mica for their own applications.

Mica splits are rough pieces of mica blocks of irregular shape. They ca be splitted into a thickness of < 0.001 mm. Available in:

  • Book Shape: one piece block mica is splitted and superimposed again so that the dimensions are almost the same (uniform shape by splitted mica block).
  • Loose splitted mica: various sizes cleft mica blocks intertwine, various models / sizes, only sorted by quality and mica block size.

Mica scraps are pieces of mica with a surface size of about ½ “- 1 ½”. Applications: production of mica paper / micanite, a raw material for mica flakes / powder a.o.

Mica flakes / chips are rest pieces of mica. They are ground to the desired size and then sieved. Sizes vary from 2 to 20 Mesh. Applications:

  • Coars mica flakes are used for manufacturing nacreous pigments, which consists of natural mica flakes coated with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide. It is also used in manufacturing mica paper, to be able to produce micanite.
  • Medium mica flakes are effectively used in oil drilling mud additive to prevent the loss and circulation of gloom.
  • Fine mica flakes are suitable for use as a sealant is required, small enough to pass through a shaker screen without interfering the workflow. Widely used in the production of gypsum board, calcium silicate board and as a filler in concrete blocks. High quality white mica flakes are used for fake snow, refractory bricks, roofing, metal explosives, disinfectant, etc.

Mica powder is made from mica flakes/chips. It is a time consuming process because the sheet structure of mica.

  • Mica coarse fine powder: 16-30 mesh. Applications: see fine mica flakes.
  • Mica medium fine powder: 60 mesh. Applications: welding electrodes, protective coatings and improved dielectric properties, electrical and mechanical strength. In furnace material, pipelines and sealants, body care, adhesives that improved physical properties, etc.
  • Mica fine powder: 100 mesh. Applications: in textiles, paints, acoustical plaster, ceiling tiles a.o. It improves the physical properties, the architectural durability, adhesion, and moisture resistance.
  • Mica superfine powder: 325 mesh. Applications: production of paint, improved durability, increased moisture resistance, flexibility, and adhesion. Plastics industry: improves the thermal and dielectric properties, impact resistance and heat resistance unites.

Including rubber automobile tires and paper prevents adhesion of rubber composition to cores and outer jacket during vulcanization. It provides stiffness, low density and higher permeability.

Natural mica splitting plates:

Natural mica is available in sizes up to approximately 650 cm². Large dimensions are expensive, because they are found less often.

If you need larger sizes and if technically possible, we recommend micanite, which is available in large sheets, tubes, flexible rolls a.o.

We also deliver natural mica sheet material, flexible rolls and tubes made of natural mica flakes bonded with synthetic resin (optionally coated with glass fiber garment).

For the foundry industry we have developed flexible natural mica with glass cloth in roll form to prevent the entry of zinc. When recycling steel in which zinc is incorporated, zinc fumes go through the concrete walls and precipitate on the cooling system. Natural mica roles can greatly reduce these zinc fumes!