Dumico mica and micanite for electrical and heat insulation:

Both mica (transparent) or micanite (not transparent) can be used for electrical and temperature insulation. Natural mica insulates better than micanite. However, mica is relatively thin (usually for this application is a thickness from 0.05 – 0.1 mm required) and it is only available in relative small sizes. Micanite is available in large sheets with thicknesses of 0.1 – 100 mm. We will advise you depending on the application and costs.

Dumico mica insulation plates:

These plates are made from the muscovite mica, a mineral with unique properties. It is a thin and transparent material with a very high dielectric resistance.

Mica applications:

Dumico mica insulation plates are used as electrical and temperature insulation, such as soldering irons, hot air guns (paint strippers), heating elements, transistors, lamp caps, capacitors, resistors, as well as many other applications where electrical voltages and / or temperatures need to be isolated.

Mica is available in:

Dumico delivers mica in full accordance with your specifications, also based on a drawing or model, For instance with holes or cutouts. For soldering and hot air guns (paint strippers), we offer a flexible (corrugated) version, to simply wrap the heating element.

Mica Technical info:

  • Dielectric resistance (in air at 20° C at 50 Hz), 40-60 kV / mm;
  • Suitable for continuous temperature of 500° C.
  • Melting point at approximately 1,250° C.
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis.

Dumico micanite insulation:

Dumico micanite consists mainly (90%) of the mineral muscovite or phlogopite mica. These minerals have unique properties. The material is ground to powder and then mixed with a synthetic resin binder, such as silicone resin. Mica paper is made from this mass. Micanite plates are made of several layers of compressed mica paper. Micanite is not transparent and has a silver-gray color (muscovite) or a dark gray / brown color (phlogopite).

Micanite applications:

Micanite is widely used in fireproof cables. It prevents cables are prevented from short-circuiting at high temperatures / fire. These cables are applied in emergency lighting in buildings or on ships a.o.

Micanite with resistance wire is used for electrical insulation of many applications, such as toasters.

Technical information:

  • Very high dielectric strength.
  • Depending on the quality suited for temperatures up to 500° or 1,000° C.
  • Special versions, also with metal insert, suitable as packing material for high temperature applications, such as internal combustion engines.

Micanite is available in:

Sheets, plates, tubes, rings, stamping parts. Also available in flexible micanite (in roll form) or in combination with glass fiber a.o. (See: micanite).