Reflex level gauge:

This design provides an excellent level indication off (colorless) liquids and gases. The prism of the reflex level gauge glass light reflects and the level can be properly read. At the interface of the liquid being measured, the light is almost absorbed, causing the liquid coloring dark and the gas part coloring in color. In a reflex level gauge there is only at one side of the medium a sightglass mounted. The thermally toughened reflex borosilicate glass (according to DIN 7081) is mounted in a robust stainless steel or mild steel column. This construction creates a modern level gauge, which can be mounted close to the tank wall.


  • Material: 1.4571, RSt 37-2, AISI 316, ASTM A350 LF2 and other materials on request.
  • Pressure: PN16, PN 20, PN 40, PN 64, PN 100, PN160.
  • Connection: socked weld, butt weld, stud, screw-on flanges, welding flanges to UNI, ANSI or DIN.
  • Connection Position: top / bottom or the back of the glass tube.
  • Valves: self-closing valves, push button, weight.
  • Exhaust air / tap.
  • Safety ball: no liquid / gas loss by glass breakage.
  • Non frost extension: in situations with extreme freezing conditions a plexiglass block can be mounted perpendicular to the reflex glass to read off the level.
  • Mica can be mounted on the outside of the glass to reduce thermal shock of the sight glass.
  • Mica cannot be mounted on the fluid side because you cannot read the level, the prism of the reflex glass reflects no light.
  • Depending on implementation this product corresponds to the PED 97/23 / EEC Art. 3 par. 3 SEP (Sound Engineering Practice). Applied rules as per TRD / AD200, ASME Boiler and Solas 1981.
  • 2.1 or 3.1 certificate.
  • Other versions on request.