Mica level gauge:

This mica level gauge design provides a level indicative of mainly steam and other corrosive liquids and gases. In a mica level gauge a mica package is mounted on either side of the medium, to see through it. Due to difference in transparency of the liquid, gas or vapor, the level can be read. These devices are mainly used at higher temperatures and pressures. In order to improve the visibility, there is a special lamp mounted at the rear in order to better read the level. Due to the special lighting, the light refraction / reflection in the liquid, gas or vapor separation surface better utilized. The mica packages are mounted in a robust stainless steel or mild steel column having cover flanges.


  • Material: 1.4571, RSt 37-2.
  • Pressure: PN 32, PN 50, PN 80, PN 100, PN160, PN 200, PN 250, PN 320.
  • Temperature up to 367°C.
  • No glass, only one mica packet (various mica layers stacked on top of each other), the thickness of the mica packet dependents on the pressure.
  • Connection: UNI, ANSI or DIN flanges.
  • Connection position: top / bottom, back, left or right next to the level gauge body.
  • Valve or tap.
  • Exhaust air / tap.
  • Safety ball: no liquid / gas loss by mica breakage.
  • Lighting is standard.
  • Depending on implementation this product corresponds to the PED 97/23 / EEC Art. 3 par. 3 SEP (Sound Engineering Practice). Applied rules as per TRD / AD200 or ASME-Boilers.
  • 2.1 or 3.1 certificate.
  • Other versions on request.