Magnetic level gauge

A magnetic level gauge consists of a measuring tube containing a magnetic float (floater). A rail is mounted on the outside of the measuring tube. This rail contains roller magnets (at one side colored white and on the other side colored red). When the float moves, the roller magnets rotate and turn red or white. Red shows the present level of the liquid.

Available in:

Measuring Length: Max. 5000mm.
Indication Rail:Aluminum / Makrolon (red / white rolls).
Pipe diameter:60,3 x 2 mm welded (EN 10217-7 TC1 D2 / T3).
Process connections: Flanges DN15 1.4404 160° C isolated).
Gasket:Aramid, PTFE or graphite packing.
Specific weight:min. 700 kg / m3.
Optional:Electronic level transmitter (Ex).

Please specify the following process data upon request:

  • Medium.
  • Temperature (°C).
  • Pressure (bar).
  • Density (kg / m3).