Level gauge components

Dumico supplies components for many level gauges and gauge taps. For instance:

  • Parts and overhaul kits for Klinger cranes AB10, AB12, AB18, AB22, AB28, AB32, AB40 and AB50. Spindles, plugs, split ring for spindles, graphite or teflon packing sleeves with stainless steel eyelets and may more.
  • Pressure plates for mica level gauges.
  • Rubber gauge ring ‘hat’, Woodite ring 3/4″ – 19 mm and 5/8″ – 16 mm.
  • Retaining rings, spring cones for Yarway gauge devices.
  • Glass strips for gauge lamps.
  • Glass holders.
  • Anti-frost blocks.
  • Mica for glass protection.
  • Kel-F for glass protection when mica is not resistant to the applied mediums.
  • Gaskets.
  • Viewing and gauge glasses.
  • Repair kits.

Please contact us for information about other parts or other technical characteristics.