Bi-color level gauge and port level gauge:

This design provides a level indicative of mainly steam and other corrosive liquids and gases at high temperatures and pressures. A bi-color water level gauge and port unit contains multiple round sight glasses on either side of the medium, fitted with mica protection. These are mounted at an angle with respect to the medium. Due to the special light green/red color, the liquid turns green and the steam red for an easy level check.


  • Material: 1.4571, RSt 37-2.
  • Pressure: PN 32, PN 50, PN 80, PN 100, PN160, PN 200, PN 250, PN 320.
  • Temperature up to 367° C.
  • Bi-color with mica package (various layers of mica stacked on top of each other), the thickness of the package depends on the pressure.
  • Port gauge device with mica and round sight glass made off borosilicate glass DIN 7080 or aluminosilicate glass.
  • Connection: UNI, ANSI or DIN flanges.
  • Connection position: top/bottom, back, left or right next to the sight glass body.
  • Valves.
  • Exhaust air / tap.
  • Lighting is standard.
  • Depending on implementation this product corresponds to the PED 97/23 / EEC Art. 3 par. 3 SEP (Sound Engineering Practice). Applied rules as per TRD / AD200 or ASME-Boilers.
  • 2.1 or 3.1 certificate.
  • Other versions on request.