What is mica?

Mica is a clear transparent material (Aluminosilicate) with a high dielectric strength, can withstand a constant temperature of 550°C, and a meltingpoint of approximately 1250°C. Furthermore mica withstand nearly all mediums such as belong others acids, alkalis, chemicals, gasses and oils. mica

With this a photo of raw mica such as it is found. Mica belongs to an important and rather big group of minerals, suitable for many applications. For us is only Muscovite mica and Phlogopite mica of importance. Muscovite mica is a transparent material, suitable for optical use such as belong others mica protectiondiscs for sightglasses, mica protectionshields for transparent level gauge glasses and mica window plates, but also as electric insulating material. Phlogopite mica is a grey/brown colored material and not suitable for optical use, but very useful for electrical insulation.